Twinkle is a flashcard program for Palm Pilot handhelds. Twinkle includes most features found in commercial software. A Java program for the PC is included to edit the flashcards and import SuperMemo databases. Japanese font support is also present.

The project is currently maintained on in You can download the source code and pre-built binaries on the SourceForge downloads page.

Sample Flashcards

Sample flashcard files can be found here:


Please send bugs, comments, questions to ekimd on Sourceforge.


Twinkle is made available under the GNU General Public License . This is an open source license that requires redistribution of the source code along with any modifications if you distribute a compiled version of the application.


Special thanks to the PAdict project. Not only is it the most complete Japanese dictionary for handhelds I've come across, but all the Twinkle Japanese fonts come from that package.