Twinkle Sample Flash Cards

File Size Description
Calculus.pdb 30k Common calculus equations
French101.pdb 47k 1032 beginner French words and phrases
German101.pdb 32k 651 beginner German words and phrases (by Ofelia Lichtenheld)
Heisig_Book_1.pdb 140k 2042 Japanese Heisig Book 1 (by Dave Gutteridge)
KanjiGrade1.pdb 4k Japnese Ministry of Education - Kyoiku Kanji grade 1
KanjiGrade2.pdb 7k Japnese Ministry of Education - Kyoiku Kanji grade 2
KanjiGrade3.pdb 10k Japnese Ministry of Education - Kyoiku Kanji grade 3
ScriptureMastery.pdb 11k 100 LDS scripture mastry + 13 Articles of Faith
Spanish101.pdb 51k 1200 beginner Spanish words and phrases (by John Carrington)
Trig.pdb 20k Common trigonometry equations
States.pdb 3k United States capitals and abbreviations
WorldCap.pdb 12k World capitals and currency

If you would like to contribute your own databases, please email them to me! Also, contact me if you find any mistakes, exclusions, etc.

All flashcard databases are made available under the GNU General Public License. These files are provided for download "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. See the GNU GPL for more information.